The heat and sound insulation is getting important in current constructions. Our product curtain wall system can match to all window systems, to solve the problems of light, temperature and sound insulation, and to integrate energy efficiency and comfort. The core functions of our product are heat insulation, sound insulation, water proof, earth quake proof, pleasing to the eyes and compatibility with other systems.

Marketing side:
  1. Our brand “Rebar” has lasting for 50 years, our slogan this year is “Over half century Brand will guard you lifetime.”
  2. We start to use new logo from this year, our purpose is to make our brand younger, and to integrate all our corporate identity system design.
  3. QR code on our product to facilitate clients to find out our brand names, installations, maintenance, operations, to impress our brand’s care to clients.
  4. We use the aluminum brand tag, which has the same quality with 3C products, on our product to raise our brand quality.
  5. Our clients will have our service warranty signed by our CEO once our products have been installed.
  6. We put the “Taiwan spirit” on our brand, to emphasize on quality, innovation and business continuity.

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