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Surya Maya Decor Industry Pvt Ltd has given professional, thorough and reliable material and home improvement administrations (including siding, drain, windows, entryways) to a huge number of our neighbors in Nepal.

We realize how significant it is that the outside “envelope” of your home or business secures the general population and property inside. That is the reason we put forth an admirable attempt to guarantee that your rooftop, siding, windows, entryways, and drains are built of the best, most strong materials, and introduced expertly. We take extraordinary pride in our work and it appears in the suffering nature of our establishments.

We can give you a precise cost estimation of any activity (little or huge) with a point by point breakdown and timetable of the work included. We accept an incentive for cash is significant, in this way we value giving the most astounding quality windows and entryways for your cash.

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We offer perfect interior services





Niroj Gautam


Have thoroughly enjoyed working with the team at Ultra Interio. They continue to over deliver on everything they promise. It is refreshing to be working with a group that works so diligently in providing the best outcomes. Would recommend to all.

Sanjog Piya


I just love their interpretation of their work as an expression of their skills rather than just work. Stunning interior designs with attention to every detail. I couldn't have made a better choice for my projects. With Ultra Interio, the sky is the limit.



 To Choose A Good Interior Designing Company In Nepal?

Saturday September 3, 2022

Interior Designing is making the best possible use of space – whether it is big or small. True, if used wisely, even a small space can look good with proper interior design. On the flip side, even the big homes can look terrible with a poorly designed interior. This is the reason you should be careful when you Choose An Interior Designing Company In Nepal

Nobody wants a bad home interior design. However, if you choose the wrong interior designing company, you might just fall victim to this. The question then remains – How do you choose an Interior Designing Company in Nepal? 

How do you choose a good Interior Designing Company in Nepal?

There are a lot of variables for choosing the right company – even more so for choosing the Interior Designing Company in Nepal. This is because unlike a lot of other companies, most of these companies are not just about interior designs but home design; a lot of them try to provide you with complete home design services. 

Steps to Choose a Good Interior Designing Company in Nepal

Despite everything, we have said, there are a Interior Designing Company that stand out among the rest. If you are curious about knowing the companies who are experts in interior design in Nepal like Ultra interio, you have covered that as well. As for the “How to” in this aspect, we have got some steps you should follow in order to pick the best one for you.